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Who Am I?

As I mentioned on the front page, I'm a full time, professional UK based voice actor and motion capture artist.

6 years ago I began the journey into voiceover, following my childhood passion, after a 12 year career in IT and after 4 years of playing I got serious! Over the following 2 years I built up my voiceover business until I took the leap of faith and walked out of my IT job entirely!

Over those 6 years I've had the pleasure of working with clients such as Marvel Comics, History Channel, Cisco, Intel, Amazon, Ford and many others. In the last two years alone I've performed the voices of over 300 characters across 60 video game titles and have been cast in 2 animated feature films.

Voiceover Jay Britton videgames coaching
Voiceover Jay Britton VO Buzz Weekly

In addition to that I've also performed ADR for the Game of Thrones TV series, performed the face, voice and body for the lovable online character Talking Tom, been invited to speak at a number of events and even had Ford make a documentary about my voice over escapades (you can read about that one here). I've also been a guest on a number of podcasts and the superb show VO Buzz Weekly (you can watch that interview here).

I'm fortunate to be represented by top agents in both London and Los Angeles as well as other agents around the United States and Canada.


Last but not least in 2014 I was the proud recipient of two Voice Arts Awards which I won for the Best Male Voice in a Commercial Demo and for Outstanding Video game Demo.

I say all of this not to blown my own trumpet but to give you confidence that I am someone in the industry with the knowledge and experience of what it takes to succeed and to build a successful voiceover business.

I began coaching not because I was interested in another revenue stream but because I have a genuine passion for both the voiceover industry and for helping people to chase their dreams in life. I have been fortunate to go from zero to full time voice actor in a relatively short period of time which I put down to the decisions I took, the investments I made and the amount of time I put in. The voiceover industry as it is today is incredibly competitive and ever changing, this is also why I wanted to start coaching, not in performance but in business, as I believe it's important to coach with someone who understands what it takes to start a voiceover business in today's industry with all it's social media, marketing and networking challenges.

If you are ready to get going with your voice over career today then feel free to book a free introduction session or e-mail me using the buttons below. Look forward to talking to you!

Voiceover Jay Britton Voice Arts Awards
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