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Troy Rodger - Voice Actor

"Having trained with Jay via Skype, I found his knowledge, enthusiasm and critical ear to be invaluable. He was able to concisely explain key areas to becoming a professional voice in today's voice over industry. Jay's humour and spirit always made our sessions entertaining and he has continued to support my progress even outside of our sessions. If you want to know what it takes to be a voice actor besides just having a good voice, talk to Jay. "

Victoria Tickle - Voice Actor

"The coaching sessions with Jay have been one of the best things I could have done to get back into voiceover! His eye for detail and knowledge of the industry as it is now is incredible and I feel so grateful he shared this knowledge with me. I have booked a few jobs since coaching with him and could not have done it without him. The info he taught me shows how to treat voiceover as a business and this in itself has given me fresh eyes! I could talk about this for ages! Thanks so much!"

Alan Aldberg - Voice Actor

"Jay’s knowledge of the voice over industry is eclipsed only by his immeasurable talent.  As a coach, he offers invaluable technique and career advice learned from years as one of the top working voice actors in the industry today.  Jay's expertise and methods will provide you with a rock-solid foundation for your continued voice over success. And goddammit he’s a HELL of a dancer!"

Isi The Scribe - Voice Actor

'Having Jay as a VO business coach has provided me with a mass of insight into various aspects of the VO business. My coaching journey with Jay has been insightful and entertaining as he talked me through different topics from training and demos to setting up a home studio. Basically everything an aspiring voice actor would need to know starting out! Jay's journey as a voice actor has been inspiring to hear and watch. He is an inspiring chap who genuinely cares about encouraging and equipping actors with essential knowledge for beginning a career in VO and I've learned a lot of good stuff which I will no doubt keep referring back to as I continue my VO journey! Bravo Jay! Keep on the up and up!'

Kathryn McColl - Voice Actor

"I would recommend Jay's coaching to ANY voice over artist. The advice he gave on creating characters, setting up a studio and the industry itself has been invaluable to me. His good humoured and helpful approach really put me at ease and now I feel so confident and excited about my next audition. His passion and enthusiasm for VO is absolutely contagious!"

Lorraine Ansell - Voice Actor

"Thank you so much for our chat - AMAZING! Very much appreciated and I now feel a lot more confident about being bold and getting out there!"

Fenella Fudge - Voice Actor

"Thanks for a great session on Saturday, you're both inspirational and a gifted speaker"

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